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As a teen, I saw photographs made by Edward Steichen. Those images awakened something in me!

I began to make photographs of my own, emulating Steichen and another hero, W. Eugene Smith.

I came to realize that what was different about these photographers was that their work was very personal. Their photographs showed the viewer what these artists cared about, how they felt.

I wanted to do that!

After a period of time working in the commercial photography industry I decided to take a leap and commit myself to a serious effort. I studied at Ryerson Polytech in Toronto, then moved to NYC, where I worked side by side with some of the most notable photographers in the industry.

After a few years I opened my own studio in Manhattan. I worked both in studio and on location, across the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean, shooting for ad agencies, magazines, annual reports, catalogs and best of all, myself.

Ultimately, my journey has led me to Chicago, my home. I have now been photographing for over 25 years and I still love it. Almost daily, wonderful things come into my life because I was lucky enough to hear those first images speak. I am still listening.

I still believe that good photography is expressive, and personal.

In my working relationships, I believe that positive attitude, a collaborative approach; combined with careful preparation, concentration, energy and openness, yield great work.


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